• SCO Lawsuit is a publicity stunt for a bigger player

    Research about these SCO lawsuits reveals an interesting pattern. All this public relation 
    charade is aimed at CEOs and business decision makers who are undecided whether to go with 
    Microsoft or Linux based operating system. As just about every article states, it is unclear 
    whether SCO has a case or not. 
    "They seem to be reiterating those [shared] library issues," said Torvalds. "And then they
    go crazy and claim to own the notion of things like kernel threads." 
    (source: http://www.crn.com/sections/BreakingNews/dailyarchives.asp?ArticleID=48371)
    Given the right jury the verdict could go either way, but in the end there is another 
    factor that is important here. This factor is time. Timing this publicity stunt to 2004 
    is (or has to be) a strategically and carefully planned attack on our freedom to choose. 
    We are about to start a new wave of IT spending. The backbone strength and throughput 
    has dramatically improved over the last few years and there will be some decisions made.
    "Which OS do we go with?" will be asked in the board rooms of IT VPs and managers. By now 
    almost everyone that is in the business of IT BSM (business service model) has heard of 
    these lawsuits. Being familiar with the thought process of managers, I can come close to 
    a prediction that the choice will become MS OS. Why? Simple. No one likes to be sued, because 
    it costs money. Lawyers don't come cheap. Especially those that understand all of this struggle 
    over platform dominance. And then there are the million dollar settlements.
    While the grounds for this lawsuit seems ambiguous, the timing is very strategically planned. 
    Let's ask a well thought chin grabbing question in a style that  Dana Carvey (of SNL as the 
    Church Lady) can come up with: Who could possibly benefit from this? Could it be MICROSOFT? 
    This actually is not that big of a surprise to most of us, but what does it mean for the long
    term? Those who are busy in IT know that once a decision is made to deploy a product into an 
    environment, it is there to stay for years to come. When MS becomes this choice and regains 
    it's 80-90% share of the market it enjoyed back in the roaring 90's it will be even more 
    difficult to strike back with Linux. MSWinders2003 and it's Office Suite satellite products
    have again delivered features from which users will not be easily deterred.
    Let's face it, we, Americans are a nation of convenience. Fast-food drive-throughs, home 
    deliveries, automatic just about everything, bottle fed babies, recliners and remote controls 
    are part of our lives. Why? Because they're convenient. For some time now it felt, like we got 
    hungry again and went after what was ours to begin with. Freedom. Specifically the freedom to 
    chose. But I am afraid, that once the first decision is cast in a corporate board room to select 
    MS Windows as a solution over any one of Linux flavors as a direct result of this public onslaught 
    of information about the SCO lawsuits against Linux using companies, we will have lost our freedom
    to choose. 
    There several categories for News - real news, news reporters, news makers, artificial news, public
    relation news (publicity) and sponsored news (advertisements). We are all about to become victims
    of a much larger machine of news processing. Can you see which?

    Block SPAMERS.

    I have evidence that Orbitz.com sells email addresses to SPAMMERS. Don't give your email address to Orbitz.com. Additionaly report all SPAM emails to you locat attorney generals. Here is a link to Texas AG - Texas Attrorney General SPAM Report Form.

    Which new movies will come out this year?

    Last year was the best year EVER for the coolest movies of all time to come out all at in one year. Terentino's "Kill Bill" was cool. At least that is what I hear from friends. I will have to go check it out wheh the second part comes out. I am tired of having my mind cary conclusion expectations and then vitness something that is far from what I expected as a conlusion of what I thought was an a mindblowing concept. Matrix Revolutions sucked so bad I made my own conclusion about the movie : The architect needed to find the boundary of an anomaly which was delimited by the program of Neo and Agent Smith. As it was all planned by the Oracle, they were sucessful to map these borders of human self image of good and evil. Those borders were defined more closely and Xion was actually destroyed and rebuilt for the 7th time. The movie showed the part where it fooled all the inhabitants of Xion into believing that they had come to a compromise with the machines. But that was only an illusion. Xion VII is in process of being rebuilt and humans will have to start new underground organization to fight the machines. The movie ended and in the words of Morphius, it could not have happened any other way. Now the Matrix production team will come out with a game (I think it's year) where we'll take the fight into our hands and thus become truly ready to be plugged into the Matrix. I predicted this right after I saw the movie. Jan 24th 2004. dh

    Guru, btw is a realy funny comedy.

    Winter time. But not in Texas.

    Often people visit Texas and when they come here, they like the mild winter days we have here. Most don't wear warm clothes and as result they end up getting sick. The reason for that is that here in Texas molds and other alergen counts in the air are more present during out moist dampy winters. I used get sick all the time in the Texas winter. Even though I came from Czech Republic, where the freezing temperatures in the winter requires us to wear warm cloths. Here I thought that jeans and T-shirt would do the trick, because I just was not cold. I used to frown at other native Texans who would wear warm clothes thining it was silly. After all, most of the time, the temperature does not go below 60 degrees Farenheit. And as a result I got sick with bronchatis.

    Now I now better. I protect my self with a jacked and drink tea with local honey and lemon. That seems to work so far.

    Budweiser Budwar wins against Budweiser!

    Budwar Budweiser wins lawsuit against Budweiser! It's about time. Budweiser is a beer brewed in Czech Republic in a city called Ceske Budejovice, which in German translates to Budweiss.