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    • 1.Best. They go out on a limb to get you hired. They call or email immediately when they have any offers. They get you great pay and benefits package.

    • 2. Satisfactory. This company has good intentions to get you hired. They call or email within an acceptable time frame with useful information. They negotiate good pay for you.

    • 3. Good. Means well to get you hired, but does not have have enough staff to make the transition happen. You will have to call them to get results and any new info on new jobs. The pay will be acceptable.

    • 4. Poor. This company does not try very hard to get you hired. You will have to stay on them and call them all the time to get anything done. You'll recieve countless job listings, but nobody will ever get back with you on it.

    • 5. Not Satisfactory. These people have no business looking for jobs for you. They must be owned by a rich uncle, who pays their salaries until they go down and become a tax write-off. If you hired them to find you a job, then you might as well start flipping burgers right now. They give even dot com'rs bad name.

    Keep in mind that just because they have a great comercial, that does not mean that they actually take their jobs seriously. Most recruiters see you as a dollar bill (nothing wrong with that) and will agree with anything you have to say. They will not be able to judge your character from your resume. If they think that you are a good match than they will place you, but be ware!! Never tell them what is actualy on your mind.
         Do you have a rich uncle or aunt or any kind of relative that is totaly out of touch with reality? Probably do. That is actualy how you have to treat them, like children, because they are totaly out of touch with reality, since they never had to earn their living with real work, but think they know everything and anything about the job that you are good at.
        Till this day I have not dealt with one recruiter that impressed me. They all treat you like meat. I'd pay to have a decent relationship with one.
      Daniel Hudsky
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